Unearthed - Tweaking the Cemetery

After the soul-sucking fiasco that was the Arts Market used up most of my month, I'm finally back to work on the cemetery scene for "Unearthed". I had begun to play around with a pop-through, moving Herbie and taking still frames of the scene to get a better grasp on it, and then decided to tweak a couple of things, mostly additions to the set. I haven't done a pop-through "rehearsal" before, I usually semi-"wing it" while animating, figuring out rough timing on moves etc but leaving myself room to improvise where necessary. This shot is different though, due to the fact that I will be compositing greenscreen footage of my ghosts in post, requiring a bit more planning. So this week I'll fiddle with lighting, then work on the "rehearsal". Here are the changes that I made:

I mounted Herbie's bag over his shoulder to free up his hands.

I added the symbol from the book cover to one of the posts on the wrought-iron gate around the graves that serve as the entrance to Herbie's path. This symbol doesn't necessarily mean anything, I harvested the bit from my Lady's jewelry supplies because I thought it had a sort of celtic-y wiccan look to it, and used it here because I thought it would make a good visual aide, connecting this grave to the manuscript stolen at the beginning of the short.

And I added a second tree to the set, this one on the far right, so that I could get a "through the branches" POV shot.


jriggity said...

Nice pics !


Darkstrider said...

The cemetary comes alive!!!!