Art In A Box - "Dorian Gray"

For awhile now I've been trying to figure a way to mesh my fine art (painting/drawing/sculpture) with my stop-mo art, some way to make stop-mo gallery-friendly. The other day I read about an upcoming show called "Art in a Box" which requires you to....well...create art in a box.....jewelry box, shadowbox, any box....and I had the idea to build a box, create a set inside, film a bit of stop-mo, and then submit the box "as is" at the end of filming....if someone were to buy the box-set at the show (if chosen to exhibit), they would receive a dvd of the animated sequence leading up to their "sculpture"...I could potentially even figure a way to display the animation with the box, maybe running on a digital photo frame (I have one but have had trouble getting it to play the video formats it's supposed to)...

I want to do something theatrical, and had just finished reading "A Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde, so I've decided to tackle a scene from the book, either the big murder sequence from near the end, or the finale, the stabbing of the painting. I've already started gathering materials to build the room that houses the hideous painting, and will update soon with images.


Sven Bonnichsen said...

A thought that might mix well with your Dorian Gray concept… Animated painting. I've done a little before, and did some recently in a stopmo clip for a friend's art challenge. I haven't gotten around to blogging the clip yet… Here it is:


Personally, I have a total blast taking a shot each time I make a brush stroke.

Incidentally, "Art" in that clip was created by painting with green paint, which I then color-keyed out and replaced with digital fx… The letters themselves were done as a practical, not inside the computer.

UbaTuber said...

Cool!! I've been dying to try something like this, and that would be a great technique if I go with the finale scene, to show the painting de-aging from horrific to beautiful...something to think about...

Shelley Noble said...

I love your stop mo as fine art idea. Absolutely. Especially a digital frame running the film inside the actual box. Very cool indeed.

Have you thunk of using a tablet-style portable dvd player instead of a frame?


This one with flexible screen could be flexi-wild to consider http://tinyurl.com/nkfjzn

jriggity said...

thats an exciting idea!

and very cool video Sven.