Dorian Gray - Bits and Bobs

Here are the last few bits of the set, didn't get to dust and web up yesterday, will tackle that between today and tomorrow.
The little lamp actually works, a little battery operated light that comes on when you twist the bottom. A knife for to stab the painting. A wall sconce. And the second outer collage.


people in gorillasuits said...

Wow. You hammered this all out in about a month, and now the animation. If you got in that time that far, you'll make it.
Great idea with 'art in a box' - so you got your 'twisted Polly Pocket' :)

The walls (outer ones), all the props, so much detail and this all in that short time. Besides - I also read all the Unerathed entries... something to look at and much to learn from. It all seems to come very naturally now: staining a window like this, assembling a cave laike that, 'oh, a bookshelf ? Just a moment.... It's really beutiful to follow so much progress in so many ways in such a short (...) time like this.

All he best, man. You'll make it.

UbaTuber said...

Thanks for all the support :)