Box - YES! Computer - NO :(

Good news! My Dorian Gray box has been accepted for the Art-in-a-Box exhibit in October!!! Unfortunately, I write this from my local library as my computer has been struck by lightning (I think) and is inoperable. Hopefully all is well with it though, because my Dorian Gray footage is still on the hard drive, not backed up on disk, AAARGH!! I will be bringing it for repair today, ***fingers crossed ****


Frank Darabont - Walking Dead - AMC

I don't often post about entertainment news, unless it has me super-jazzed, which this does....Frank Darabont is "close to signing" to write/direct a TV series adaptation of Kirkman's graphic novel zombie survival series "The Walking Dead" for AMC. I loved the comic series, excellently written with wonderful characters, and, yeah, zombies. I hope this happens!