Dorian Gray Animated

Finally, here is the animation that I submitted to the Art-in-a-Box show. I am not pleased with several aspects, mainly the de-aging of the portrait, which was much more difficult than I thought it would be. I ended up with only 2 sec of animation, painted too many/too big brushstrokes per frame and finished repainting it entirely too quickly, but I was trying to make the July 30 deadline and did not have time to repaint and reanimate. This is really the first time that I've incorporated "live action" shots (the curtain coming down, for example) and I'm not sure how I feel about them. I love the look but somehow feel like I've cheated :)


The Picture of Dorian Gray from Ubatuber on Vimeo.


Art In A Box Announcement

Howdy all, still working on getting my computer up-and-running....here is a link to the announcement for the RHINO gallery Art-in-a-Box show featuring my Dorian Gray set!



Updates and Grown-up Life Junk :)

Tons going on lately, sorry about lack of updates....my Lady is now at 22 weeks, expecting our first baby, a boy....he's about the size of a puppet now, a good 8", and this week I felt him kick for the first time, amazing....tentative name: Roman Alexander Roche. We are also in the final stages of purchasing our first home, have gone through the headache-and-stress-inducing process of financing and inspections and negotiations and we should be closing on the property at the end of the month, and moving in throughout October. I still have not gotten my computer back, its waiting on a part for repair, but I will have to figure out something this week because I have to deliver my Dorian Gray box to the RHINO gallery by Sept. 20. I'll probably ask the shop thats doing the repair to pull my files from the harddrive so I can try to edit them on another computer. As soon as my computer is back I'll post some photos and the final vid. Peace out.