Moldy Seaclops

Well, I completely underestimated how much Ultracal I had and ultimately was only able to make the top half of my Seaclops mold on Saturday. (I have since placed an order for more of the gypsum concrete plaster compound and will finish the mold as soon as it arrives.) Here's where I'm at so far:

First I plopped down a bunch of water-based clay for the bed, to create the wall for my mold. I used a crayola brand earth clay that we sell at work and it worked fine. Was a little too soft maybe, required a bit of extra cleanup when removing the clay at the end, but otherwise okay.

Next I smoothed out the clay bed, about halfway up the sculpt (between the fingers is the worst, possibly my least favorite part of the whole process).

Then I sprayed the whole thing with a quick layer of Clear Coat, mixed up a pea-soupy batch of Ultracal, and brushed on my first layer.

After two more layers of soupy Ultracal...

And about 1/2" layer of Ultracal coated burlap...

Next came the super thick, clay-like layer of Ultracal to finish it up...

And finally, after the top half set up, I flipped it, peeled off the clay bed, cleaned up the residue of the water-based clay with a soft damp brush, and now I'm ready for the second half...

Ideally, there should be a little more space around the edges, particularly near the feet, fingers, and head, and also more space between the arms and torso, but I had to squinch him in a bit more than I should have because of the size of my toaster oven. Now I'm off to finish the sculpt of my mermaid...


Sculpting the Mermaid and 'Clops

Started slapping clay onto the mermature and roughing out a feminine shape. Also removed the wooden eyeball from the Seaclops sculpt, ended up having to resculpt the bottom eyelid which had to be removed to get the ball out. Clops is now ready for molding. Here are some detail shots...



Today I made the armature for a supporting character in my Seaclops short...I'm still hammering out the details of the story, but it will feature my clops and a singing mermaid...


Thanks Shelley!!

Special thank you going out to Shelley Noble of Halfland fame for making Baby Roman this ultra-cute little chickie tee. Her talents are endless and her gifts, always handmade, are beautiful. Thanks so much, Shell! You rock! :)

In production news, I've had to put Bacchus aside in order to focus on the Harryhausen tribute. I'll be touching up my Seaclops sculpt over the weekend, creating a mold next week, and foaming up the puppet in the next couple of weeks. I just ordered a quart kit of GM foam from FX Warehouse in Florida and am extremely excited, its been waaaay too long since Ive played with the foam latex :)


Bacchus Progress

Coming along, hope to finish him up this weekend and then nexy week start seriously plugging away at my Seaclops short which will hopefully be a part of Ray Harryhausen's 90th birthday event :)

And because I cant help it (and since Mark requested), some more pics of Roman...

Baby Dangerfield gets no respect :)


Bacchus Progress

Still plugging away at the Bacchus pup...life with a newborn is all about little stolen moments, so progress is slow but there nonetheless :) After I finish this little project, I'm going to resurrect the Seaclops sculpt, finish up that pup, and film a comedic microshort for a special Stopmotionmagic.com challenge for Ray Harryhausen's birthday (official announcement coming soon).