Bacchus Progress

Still plugging away at the Bacchus pup...life with a newborn is all about little stolen moments, so progress is slow but there nonetheless :) After I finish this little project, I'm going to resurrect the Seaclops sculpt, finish up that pup, and film a comedic microshort for a special Stopmotionmagic.com challenge for Ray Harryhausen's birthday (official announcement coming soon).


people in gorillasuits said...

Bacchus is looking great - and reminds me a lot about the creature from the short film within the woods... what was the name again ?! Really cool looking, and I'm quite curious about the finished and maybe a bit aged Bacchus. Really great idea.

The character itself is very interesting - god of ecstasy, wine and completely loosing yourself in godly madness (or so).

All the best for the Roche Clan !

UbaTuber said...

Thanks! Yup, there is definitely a theme of living plantlife in my stop-mo....tree beast, grapeviney bacchus, the pumpkin patch, even jenny g with her seaweed hair :)

jriggity said...