Thanks Shelley!!

Special thank you going out to Shelley Noble of Halfland fame for making Baby Roman this ultra-cute little chickie tee. Her talents are endless and her gifts, always handmade, are beautiful. Thanks so much, Shell! You rock! :)

In production news, I've had to put Bacchus aside in order to focus on the Harryhausen tribute. I'll be touching up my Seaclops sculpt over the weekend, creating a mold next week, and foaming up the puppet in the next couple of weeks. I just ordered a quart kit of GM foam from FX Warehouse in Florida and am extremely excited, its been waaaay too long since Ive played with the foam latex :)


jriggity said...

nice shirt!.....ha!

and super rad Sculpt.....cant wait to see him movin.


Shelley Noble said...

Ack! Roman is so cute, you guys! Well done!

I've got his bright blue felted superhero booties nearly finished too.

Seaclops is perfect for the tribute!

people in gorillasuits said...

my admiration for a real Shelley Noble Shirt, Roman.

Heh, and Super rad hits the nail perfectly for the sculpt - look ma, one eye !

Really really good start to come across here. One big family. Tweeeet Chirp Chirp Tweet Tweeeeeeeet

Sorry. Couldn't resist :)