Seaclops Backdrop

Finished the backdrop for the Seaclops short and tacked it up, all ready to start building the little island set. There's a little glare here from the camera flash but it should be fine when lit properly. Pups aren't foamed yet, hopefully this Thursday if weather/humidity permits. You'll know as soon as it happens :)


Easter Bing

RE the title, we have a ton of nicknames for the lil one, including the Bing, the Bing-a-Ling, the Bada-bing :)
Here are a few pictures of our little Easter Bing...the giant basket is homemade from a laundry basket...


All done with the mermaid mold...had a couple of minor issues with this one, mainly, I didn't go far enough up the arms with the clay wall so the first half of the mold didnt grip the arms as it should and they were lifting out...I put a small drop of superglue on the sculpt's hands, pressed them gently back into the mold, and then built the other half of the ultracal mold...seems to have worked alright, I've been careful to scrape the residual glue out of the mold so as to avoid any potential reactions with the baking foam...as soon as I have the time to do it, I'll be foaming up the pups....I havent decided if I'm going to try to do both at once, I have two toaster ovens but don't want to put any extra stress on the foaming process by trying to rush and do two....then again, if I do both at once, I'll be saving foam (won't have to mix up two whole batches)...
Next up, set building...


Seaclops Mold - Done!

Finished the Seaclops mold over the weekend, ran into a snag, literally. I went too far up the foot on the top half of the mold. The foot narrows at the middle, where the mold cuts off, and I couldn't pull the armature out of the mold because the tie-down/epoxy clay at the toe area was too thick. Luckily all I needed to do was shave down the epoxy clay a bit, didnt actually interfere with the tie-down itself. So thats taken care of :)

Next up, the mermaid mold. I'm excited to get to work on this puppet, she's begun to take on a Hindu feel, I see her now with lots of reds and golds, henna up her arms, jewel-encrusted scales...she is a singing mermaid and I was even able to download a few Indian vocalizations at Soundsnap.com, yay!
More coming soon, including, hopefully, storyboards (as soon as I get them done....)


More Mer

Got my shipment of Ultracal yesterday, finished the Mersculpt tonight, will mold her and complete the Seaclops mold this weekend, then on to the fun part (foam! lets hope I havent lost the magic touch :)