Easter Bing

RE the title, we have a ton of nicknames for the lil one, including the Bing, the Bing-a-Ling, the Bada-bing :)
Here are a few pictures of our little Easter Bing...the giant basket is homemade from a laundry basket...


Shelley Noble said...

BING-Bada-B-I-N-G! Man, these delivered! Ahhhhh. What GREAT shots! OUTRAGEOUSLY ADORABLE and creative!

What a babe! Thanks, Ubbie! xooxo

michael said...

Tweet Chirp chilip... sweet little cutie hatched.

An animator I admire for his works once said that he always takes every chance to portrait little kid's facial expressions - because the variety never ranges so wide (good English ?!) as until they 'learn' how to use facial expressions.

Happy Easter for the three of you !

jriggity said...

Dang dood!!

Baby boys getting BIG!!!

ha....very cute stuff.