Seaclops Mold - Done!

Finished the Seaclops mold over the weekend, ran into a snag, literally. I went too far up the foot on the top half of the mold. The foot narrows at the middle, where the mold cuts off, and I couldn't pull the armature out of the mold because the tie-down/epoxy clay at the toe area was too thick. Luckily all I needed to do was shave down the epoxy clay a bit, didnt actually interfere with the tie-down itself. So thats taken care of :)

Next up, the mermaid mold. I'm excited to get to work on this puppet, she's begun to take on a Hindu feel, I see her now with lots of reds and golds, henna up her arms, jewel-encrusted scales...she is a singing mermaid and I was even able to download a few Indian vocalizations at Soundsnap.com, yay!
More coming soon, including, hopefully, storyboards (as soon as I get them done....)


michael said...

tuba-man is rolling... woooot !

Freaky - even the empty mold looks promising ! And the mermaid combined with your skills and in your style with Indian chants... great to see you in such a flow !

Shelley Noble said...

You're doing great, Uber!
Kicking ass! Taking no prisoners!