Harryhausen Tribute Bit

Woohoo! I managed to squeeze out 30 sec of animation for the Harryhausen 90th Birthday Tribute Bash :) Not nearly what I had initially planned but at least its something.


Hindi Mermaid

Finally had a few hours to spare to work the foam magic, followed the directions that came with the batch of GM foam for a mid-temperature room, but I added slightly less gelling agent (12g)due to the extreme heat and humidity outside. And she turned out beautifully. There are a few air bubbles just under the surface in one boob and just above the "knees", but it shouldnt effect animation if I pose her just so....she is still in-progress so I'll be posting more pics as I go, along with a more in-depth post when she's done....coming soon, Seaclops casting, yay :)


No Progress :(

I still have not found the time to cast my two puppets, and have gotten no further in developing the island set so I will not have anything to contribute to the Harryhausen tribute unfortunately. We've had some house issues, an infestation of ants, a leaky roof, not to mention Roman is getting bigger every day (amazing how they do that :) and we've had to start preparing the house for crawling baby.
I find it sort of synchronistic (a word?) that I am in the middle of developing two water-based beachy characters while this whole oil-spill marsh-land-destroying wildlife-killing fiasco is going on with BP so near my home. I have images of my mermaid character coated in oil and may revisit the story to make it more.....proactive? We'll see what happens when I get the pups done, still a top priority for me as far as my creative projects go...