Hindi Mermaid

Finally had a few hours to spare to work the foam magic, followed the directions that came with the batch of GM foam for a mid-temperature room, but I added slightly less gelling agent (12g)due to the extreme heat and humidity outside. And she turned out beautifully. There are a few air bubbles just under the surface in one boob and just above the "knees", but it shouldnt effect animation if I pose her just so....she is still in-progress so I'll be posting more pics as I go, along with a more in-depth post when she's done....coming soon, Seaclops casting, yay :)

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and she looks really nice, although a bit creepy... can't really tell - she is somehow enchanting but on the other hand she's not somebody to whom I'll turn my back to without having a slightly bad feeling.
Very nice henna-drawings(tattos ?)and all... really nice !