No Progress :(

I still have not found the time to cast my two puppets, and have gotten no further in developing the island set so I will not have anything to contribute to the Harryhausen tribute unfortunately. We've had some house issues, an infestation of ants, a leaky roof, not to mention Roman is getting bigger every day (amazing how they do that :) and we've had to start preparing the house for crawling baby.
I find it sort of synchronistic (a word?) that I am in the middle of developing two water-based beachy characters while this whole oil-spill marsh-land-destroying wildlife-killing fiasco is going on with BP so near my home. I have images of my mermaid character coated in oil and may revisit the story to make it more.....proactive? We'll see what happens when I get the pups done, still a top priority for me as far as my creative projects go...


Shelley Noble said...

Life. sigh. The great news is, you and your little family are thriving and you'll be able to be stop motiony again when things square themselves a bit.

Take good care there.

michael said...

I'm light-years away from having a family in sight or so - but from the small glimpse I got I really admire how people get along. My deepest admiration and all the best for you three over there. The pictures of Roman are so cute and and so adorable...

and all the best for your animations too - I see the slow but measurable process as rocked that solidly in advance... that we simply must slow this guy a bit down !

Your Dorian Gray Box is awsome. The Jenny Greenteeth character is outstanding and unique. The Tree-Beast animation was/is/will be one of my favourite home-made stop-mo shorts. And so on.

All the best for you and the peole around you. Take good care.

A fan of UbaTuba-Man