Cemetery Lit (Mostly...)

I'm just about done figuring out the lighting on the cemetery set, I'm still working with miniature "Christmas Village" spotlights, which you can pick up now while the holidays are in full swing, if you're interested in testing them out. They are fantastic moody little spotlights, I've used them and only them to light all of Unearthed so far. I sprung for a plug-in adaptor for them as well, so I wouldn't have to worry about batteries fading (bonus: each adaptor can power 3-4 sets of lights). On the setup below, I have a few lights mounted to strips of wood that are attached to the underneath of the set floor, holding them about 8" out form the set. Also attached there are the battery packs for each set of 2 lights, for easy access to the on/off switches and less fumbling through cords when I'm ready to animate. I also have a couple of lights mounted higher, one on the very tip of the brick wall and another on a gauge. They swivel somewhat loosely so I've used wads of clay to hold them in place. Alls I have left to do is secure a couple at the back of the set to light Herbie as he walks down the path between the angels. In previous shorts I have changed lighting around depending on the shot, but with Unearthed I have tried lighting the sets as a whole so I can run through my shots without having to change anything around. I may need to add a spotlight on a close-up of Herbie here or there but it should pretty much work as is (I've positioned Herbie at key points on the set to make sure he is well lit).

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Shelley Noble said...

Good looking set up there, Ubbs

Nailed it!