A Little Clip

Here's a bit of the new short, revealing my latest challenge: working with a narrator/recording a voice/animating to a pre-existing recording...more on that later, I've got work to do :)


Today's Bits and Bobs...

I'm working on a few things today, finishing up my mulberry tree, setting up my shot for tonight's animation, and painting my textured wall for Pyramus and Thisbe's homes.

The tree is composed of two plastic shrubs bound together with tape and stuck inside a one inch wooden cup filled with hot glue. Then I took some brown kraft paper, crumpled it and un crumpled it, and wrapped that around the trunk. Added some brown acrylic paint, and hot glued on my little styrofoam white mulberries, harvested from another fake plant piece. The blood-stained mulberries will be attached to the back half of the tree so that between takes I can simply spin the tree to expose the red side for the rest of the short.

My shot for tonight is the final Fates setpiece, featuring Atropos cutting the thread of Thisbe's life. I rigged a few pieces of black foamcore to hang/drape thread around the set, but didn't like the way the thread was hanging, so I taped a penny to the end of each strand so they would hang straight. Made sure each strand was long enough so the pennies rest on the tabletop, so they won't sway between frames...

And lastly, the wall of P&T's apartments. They share a wall and communicate through a crack so the majority of the interior shots will be in front of this background wall, Thisbe in dark blue on the left, and Pyramus in white on the right, so there is a little play between dark and light. The wall is foamcore textured with wall spackle and painted with acrylics.


Fates Animated

I won't be sharing too much footage as I'm filming this short, gonna wait til its all done. That being said here is a small clip of one of my Fates, animated :)



Yesterday I painted up the backdrop for the night scenes. Blue acrylic paint gradient on a large piece of black foamcore. There is a hole cut out for the moon, which is printed on vellum and taped behind the opening. It will be backlit. There are also small punches in the sky so some of the backlight can be seen, as stars. May have to clean up the moon opening a bit, it is pretty roughly cut but may not be visible, will have to wait and see when I set up lighting on set...


Mulberry Paint-On-Plexi

Been hard at work making this new short happen :) My three Fate puppets are juuuust about finished, as are my pups for Pyramus and Thisbe--just trying to work out the mechanics of Thisbe's gown at this point, attaching it in segments which will still allow me to access her lil legs for animationy purposes. Harder than it sounds. Filming is complete on the cemetery set for Unearthed so I've dismantled that and am ready to build the P&T sets once pups are done. I should be animating by the end of next week, wOOt!
A new development....I was dreading making the lioness puppet required to tell the story of P&T and decided I would use a different style of animation for her. Tossed around shadow pups and ultimately decided to do paint-on-glass, which I've always wanted to try. That concept grew and by the end of storyboarding I had inserted about 4 or 5 key sequences that will be done in this style. One of them involves a mulberry turning from snow white to blood red (the myth tells of how mulberries got their color). Here is the initial painting that I will animate, just finished it minutes ago. Oil paints on plexi glass, laid on top of a white drawing table. I will remove small amounts of the red using q-tips, revealing the white surface underneath, until the berries are white, then will reverse the footage so they change from white to red in the film. For some reason I figured that working backwards like this (red to white) would be easier....