Mulberry Paint-On-Plexi

Been hard at work making this new short happen :) My three Fate puppets are juuuust about finished, as are my pups for Pyramus and Thisbe--just trying to work out the mechanics of Thisbe's gown at this point, attaching it in segments which will still allow me to access her lil legs for animationy purposes. Harder than it sounds. Filming is complete on the cemetery set for Unearthed so I've dismantled that and am ready to build the P&T sets once pups are done. I should be animating by the end of next week, wOOt!
A new development....I was dreading making the lioness puppet required to tell the story of P&T and decided I would use a different style of animation for her. Tossed around shadow pups and ultimately decided to do paint-on-glass, which I've always wanted to try. That concept grew and by the end of storyboarding I had inserted about 4 or 5 key sequences that will be done in this style. One of them involves a mulberry turning from snow white to blood red (the myth tells of how mulberries got their color). Here is the initial painting that I will animate, just finished it minutes ago. Oil paints on plexi glass, laid on top of a white drawing table. I will remove small amounts of the red using q-tips, revealing the white surface underneath, until the berries are white, then will reverse the footage so they change from white to red in the film. For some reason I figured that working backwards like this (red to white) would be easier....

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Shelley Noble said...

G.E.N.I.U.S!! Love the plan and your painting. Great mix of styles! w00t!