The Final Frame


jriggity said...

HUGE CONGRATS!!! another piece finished man.


Sven Bonnichsen said...

Justin beat me to it. Congratulations, Jeffrey! Can't wait to see the new film. You worked your butt off, and you did it... :D

Shelley Noble said...

That tree and the shadowed landscape is driving me crazy with how great it looks, Jeffrey! Ack!

grant said...

that looks amazing!

UbaTuber said...

Thanks everybody :D I'll be sharing the film online soon, more details when I know whats what :)

Jeff Lafferty said...

Congrats on finishing the shooting, I love the way its looking

Darkstrider said...

(Sung to the tune of That's Amore)...

"When the light
Hits the ground
But there's dark
All around
That's a Dore"

(Pronounced Door-Ay)

Ah yes... wonderful Dore lighting my friend!!! As Shelly said, this looks amazing!!

Sorry I didn't comment sooner, but I've hardly been on Blogger at al lately - in fact for a while it wasn't working for me... some kind of weird virus or something. But I'm trying to minimize online time and maximize animation time.

Looking forward to seeing it all move!