Whew! *Wipes Sweat Off Brow*

Well I did it. I've finished the film, it is in the hands of the first festival's jury! I plan to submit to several others, including Montreal's StopMo Fest. If accepted into the NW Animation Fest, I plan to release the film online on the weekend of the fest. If not, I'll release it in the next few weeks here.
I accomplished a lot with this film. I worked with a narrator for the first time, and found that I really enjoyed having a soundtrack (the voice recording) to animate to. I watched as scenes played out exactly as I imagined them in my head, not all of them mind you, but enough to make me feel like my animating skills are suitably developed to take on......*gulp*.....Ms. Greenteeth (a film that's been swimming around in my psyche since 2005). I tried some new techniques, including paint-on-glass and a bit of traditional 2-D animation. Not to mention that I completed an 8 1/2 minute short in just over two months. Yay me!

I was, though, and for the first time, extremely disappointed with the quality I was able to achieve with my camera (still using an old Sony analog Handycam). Don't get me wrong, I've always known the quality was lacking, but I suppose seeing my skills as an animator reach greater expectations has left me bellyaching for better image quality to show off those skills. Also, this was the first time I set out to make a film fit for movie screens. The quality in the past has been alright for Internet consumption. But now I'm thinking bigger.

So here's my plan. I've got to finish "Unearthed" with the camera that I started with, my clunker. I've got easily 4-6 months left on that film if I work at a consistent but somewhat leisurely pace. In that time, I will be trying my damnedest to save money here and there for a new camera, preferably a nice (but cheap) Canon DSLR that can link up with my StopMoPro. Well, actually, I won't need the camera until I'm ready to film Jenny G., so I'll have the months of pre-production to save up as well. In any case, I see the light on the horizon. I'm going for the gold! Battening down the hatches! Jenny Greenteeth is coming, and she's pissed :)


Shelley Noble said...

Yay you! Can't wait to see all of it! I'm a permanent fan of your films. Such is the wit and heart in them.

Does the Panasonic FZ50 work with SMP software? Costs about $300 second hand but hardly used off of Amazon for the 3 FZ50 stop mo club members I know so far (wink).

Can't WAIT for Jenny's turn!

w00t! ggogogogogogoooo!

UbaTuber said...

Thank you Shelley!!

SMP only lists Canon & Nikon DSLRs for their live view which looks like what I'll need. Lots of options there. Found a Canon on Amazon for about $450, not too shabby...I'm so excited to finally get working on Jenny G, I'm sure you can sympathise :)

Darkstrider said...

(to the tune of He's Going to Sing from Monty Python & the Holy Grail)

"She's on her way!
(she's on her way)
She's on her way!
(she's on her way)
.... "

I can hear jenny a'brewin her witch's brew of wickedness away down Loosianna Way. Hey, in fact, maybe Climate Change is nothing more than her getting stronger and more pissed....