Unearthed - Fairy Victrola & Devil's Backbone

Latest progress--the victrola mostly just needs a paintjob, and the lil diablo is done.  The amber liquid is a two-part resin that I added a drop of orange acrylic paint to.  I just poured it and snapped the pic, hopefully it doesn't become cloudy as it sets...


"Unearthed" - New Props

I'm working on a handful of props for the remaining scenes in "Unearthed", still have to paint and weather the plaster friezes from the previous post, also need to reshoot a ghost scene for the cemetery shots, but spent today on a couple of new bits for Herbie's apartment.  As a treasure hunter, particularly the supernatural variety, Herbie has amassed an impressive collection of items which will be scattered about his home.  A lot of the props for that set have been based on items from some of my favorite horror movies and gothic lit (the demon mask from "Onibaba", the Zuni doll from "Trilogy of Terror", the Mezzotint from MR James' short story, to name a few) and some of the props are from my own imagination.

This cute lil guy is made of sculpey.  He is based on the fetus-in-a-jar from the film "Devil's Backbone".  He will be inserted into a tiny jar filled with an amber liquid.

I've dubbed this prop the Fairy Victrola, it has a bell made from a leaf, and will be painted with vines.  When Herbie first enters his home he will drop on a record, so I will have this rigged with an animatable needle and turntable.  More to come!


"Unearthed" Continues

I'm officially back to work on "Unearthed", today I am finishing up editing the cemetery scenes, mostly compositing and tweaking ghost footage.

I've also been working on a few props for the next scenes. As Herbie wanders through the woods searching for his treasure, he will come upon pieces of a broken temple. I'll have a few broken friezes and columns, which I have been casting in plaster.

I've also been working on a new portfolio website. When I updated this template and discovered that you can now have "pages" on your blog, I decided to do a proper portfolio website, with pages devoted to different media. Go check it out at JeffreyRoche.com, I have a slew of charcoals, prints, puppets, and paintings up so far. (Domain name registered for 2 years through godaddy.com and linked up with my blogger address!)


Pyramus & Thisbe Coming Soon...

I'm still tinkering with my layout, trying different blog banners, possibly an animated GIF like my old header, I dunno....

Reminder:  don't forget to tune in here this Saturday night for the chance to watch Pyramus & Thisbe!!!!