Fairy Victrola & Mezzotint - Done!

Ghostly reshoots complete, bit more fiddling with effects and editing and the scene will be done.  Fairy victrola is done, as is the mezzotint, which is a prop based on an old M.R.James short story about a haunted print. Here is a link to the tale if you are interested, it is one of my favorites.  To create the image, I scoured real estate listings for "victorian manors" until I found the right look, then tweaked the image in photoshop to get a "mezzotinty" appearance.


Jeff Lafferty said...

I love those props, they are so beautiful.

UbaTuber said...

Thank you Jeff :)

el olmo said...

shaweeeet Victrola !

I just realized how in the image to "Pryamus & Thisbe" the moon looks like an eye (cat ?) - maybe the fates looking over ? Fantastic film.

The http://gaslight.mtroyal.ca link is very interesting - very very interesting !