The Buried Giantess

I'm finishing up another big set piece, the entrance to the cave in "Unearthed", the mouth of the buried stone giantess.  The fingers are rigged with armature for twitchy movement.  Gonna add more "hair" and a layer of spackle over the whole thing to rough it up a bit and give it some stony texture.  I'm working with layers of plaster wrap right now, and the hand is a rubber Halloween decoration that I picked up a couple of years ago.


Jeff Lafferty said...

Its looking really great, nice job!

Maureen said...

Totally cool looking! Can't wait to see the fingers moving. --Maureen

el olmo said...

"Buried Giantess Wiggling Stone Finger" - sounds like the title of a stoner-rock song… looking very good - and me looking forward how the giantess will move (her fingers)

Rock on !