This week, I was struck with sudden inspiration, found myself pondering marionettes. I love puppets of all kinds, have always wanted to branch out from stop mo, and building a marionette is one of those items on my creative bucket list. So I started doing research, and found surprisingly little online. A few tutorials here and there, but most sites say, like stopmo, that there are a million and one ways to construct a stringed puppet, and its all about experimentation. A lot of sites recommended a particular book, "Making and Manipulating Marionettes" by David Currell, so I checked it out from my local library, read it, loved it. Very thorough, yet not confusing for a beginner. I plan on designing my first marionette tonight, and will construct it this week (I'm on vacation from work and this is how I plan to play :)

More info as it develops, sketches, design plans, and whatnot...

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