Unearthed - The Story So Far...

I've finished the cemetery scene and rerendered "Unearthed" complete with all of the footage I have filmed so far! Enjoy!

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el olmo said...


the scene with the lady where they dive into the dark and it first looks like falling down - but then: a down-fall happens just there... and the spirits/ghosts give me the creeps. For real. (Have you seen John Carpenter's "The Ward" already ? Holy smokes…) - and the shot with the camera hold by your hand and the cat (I know cats can really perform this trick - but are wise enough to nobody ever watch them when doing so)... anyhow, getting astray,,, the 'please stand by' are a lovely idea - well done


What an experience to see the scenes from some time ago and having images from the last few moths in mind and seeing this all bridged together (at least in my mind)...


Whatever lurks these grounds - that guy is damned. Like in - "Don't make me come down there ! (God)".


Great camera work too !!!

You rock(ed) on and on, Mr. Ubatuber - and the story continues. Congratulations !