Mardi Gras Marionette - The Mask

I've been working on carving the hands and feet, which is time consuming.  Periodically, I've switched over to painting the head and sculpting/embellishing the mask.  She has taken on a bird-like quality which I love, and I will be adding feathers to her gown as well.  Her mask is removable right now, but I will probably glue it down when it is done.  I've considered putting magnets on it so she can remove it during performance, but I'm not sure yet...


Marionette - Hips and legs

Still working on the marionette, alls thats left is the hands and feet....and painting...and costuming...I've also gotten a couple of paintings done in the last few days. One was for Juli on our anniversary (oct. 12), a quick little painting done from one of our wedding photos.  The second features Morgus the Magnificent, a local, late-night, B movie horror film host from my childhood.  He had a wonderfully sick and absurd sense of humor, and showed the greatest bad films ever produced.