I'm an Animator in Reel Life...

Just finished and uploaded a new animation reel. My first edit was almost 4 minutes long, but I chopped it down to 3. It could probably be made even more concise, but I've spent a few days on it and decided to move on. Sometimes you just have to say "Its done!"
I'm very proud, watching this. Seeing how far I've come and looking towards the (very green toothed) future :) Thank you for making the journey with me!


Is it almost March already??

I've added a view of my twitter feed over on the right of the screen, and also a window for window shopping at my Etsy store, which should be down at the bottom of the page.  It occurred to me yesterday that I haven't made a new Reel since 2008, so I started working on an up-to-date one last night.

A few weeks ago I put together a little animation of Doug Jones ("Hellboy", "Pans Labytrinth", "Buffy", three of my favorite things).  I met him at New Orleans Comicon last month and can't say enough nice things about him.  He was a real sweetheart, and a pleasure to talk to.  I bought a copy of his new book, "Mime Very Own Book", a hilariously irreverent photo book of mime satire, and was excited to see a little mime flipbook in one corner.  So I scanned and animated it  :)