Is it almost March already??

I've added a view of my twitter feed over on the right of the screen, and also a window for window shopping at my Etsy store, which should be down at the bottom of the page.  It occurred to me yesterday that I haven't made a new Reel since 2008, so I started working on an up-to-date one last night.

A few weeks ago I put together a little animation of Doug Jones ("Hellboy", "Pans Labytrinth", "Buffy", three of my favorite things).  I met him at New Orleans Comicon last month and can't say enough nice things about him.  He was a real sweetheart, and a pleasure to talk to.  I bought a copy of his new book, "Mime Very Own Book", a hilariously irreverent photo book of mime satire, and was excited to see a little mime flipbook in one corner.  So I scanned and animated it  :)

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JON said...

Cool! Love Doug Jones!