Rebel Yell

This week marks a huge milestone for Ubatuber Productions and "Jenny Greenteeth". For the past six years I have been animating on this sturdy and dependable giant dinosaur of a camera:

Now I'll be using this:

Canon Rebel T2i with Nikon lenses, so far I've got a micro Nikkor 55mm and I'm on the lookout for a reasonably priced 24 or 28mm wideangle.  I'll have to finish Unearthed with the old cam, but once I finish that (this year? I think so...) I can start plugging away at Jenny Greenteeth full time, with an appropriately awesome camera :)

Nola, all freshened up and ready for an animation test, hopefully tonight if there are no techie snafus with StopMotionPro...


Shelley Noble said...

NOLA NOLA NOLA!! Can't wait for all the good! Go Jeff!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Nice camera and the puppet looks great!