Nola Strolls...

A new little clip.  Wasn't happy with the scarf, difficult to animate this version that I made a few years ago with much less experience.  It was way to stiff (wire mesh covered in layers of liquid latex).  Otherwise an enjoyable little clip to shoot, especially with the front end of a streetcar handy!  I love my little cards at the start, Ubatuber Shorts and "Starring Nola"...I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of those title cards :)

Nola & The Streetcar from Ubatuber on Vimeo.


Streetcar Gremlins 3-D Wall Art

Been working the past month or so on a sculpture inspired by my Streetcar Gremlins painting :) I've
always wanted to turn the Nola Legends paintings into 3-D wall art, creating puppets that I could potentially animate also. I sculpted one generic gremlin body, made a flexible silicone mold of it, then poured in melted clay and pulled out 5 little clay duplicates that I could then "edit"...bigger nose here, hairy cheeks there, bigger grin here, etc. Then I took my five little monsters and made one Ultracal mold. Two foam latex runs later I have ten little gremlins, ready to be painted and glued/pinned down with my battle-damaged streetcar pieces. The floor of the piece was made using the cobblestonme street that I built for the opening of Unearthed.  Added little chips of plexiglass, resin puddles, and bits of streetcar wood and gears strewn about.

I put the gremlin mold safely away and plan to cast gremlin puppets for an episode of my post-Jenny Greenteeth project, a 'sitcom' about a family of vampires. So we will eventually get to see the beasts in motion, but it wont be for a looong while :)

Before I assembled the "sculpt" (I have to come up with a name for this art), I did a quick little animation with Nola and the streetcar front :)  Its not great but I think I can tweak it a bit to make it more entertaining.  Editing this week sometime...