Streetcar Gremlins 3-D Wall Art

Been working the past month or so on a sculpture inspired by my Streetcar Gremlins painting :) I've
always wanted to turn the Nola Legends paintings into 3-D wall art, creating puppets that I could potentially animate also. I sculpted one generic gremlin body, made a flexible silicone mold of it, then poured in melted clay and pulled out 5 little clay duplicates that I could then "edit"...bigger nose here, hairy cheeks there, bigger grin here, etc. Then I took my five little monsters and made one Ultracal mold. Two foam latex runs later I have ten little gremlins, ready to be painted and glued/pinned down with my battle-damaged streetcar pieces. The floor of the piece was made using the cobblestonme street that I built for the opening of Unearthed.  Added little chips of plexiglass, resin puddles, and bits of streetcar wood and gears strewn about.

I put the gremlin mold safely away and plan to cast gremlin puppets for an episode of my post-Jenny Greenteeth project, a 'sitcom' about a family of vampires. So we will eventually get to see the beasts in motion, but it wont be for a looong while :)

Before I assembled the "sculpt" (I have to come up with a name for this art), I did a quick little animation with Nola and the streetcar front :)  Its not great but I think I can tweak it a bit to make it more entertaining.  Editing this week sometime...


Sven Bonnichsen said...

Love it!

I'm feeling like the scene could be made even better with a painted backdrop... (A piece of masonite or hardboard would be thin enough.)

Casting little resin versions of the gremlins could also be really awesome. I know that I'd want one!

UbaTuber said...

Thank you Svengali! Ive considered a backdrop, will probably add one...this thing has progressed so much since my first ideas (originally each gremlin piece was going to be hung separately right on the wall, in a line, as if there was an invisible horizon line....now its a full-on stop-mo setpiece :)