Happy Monster Month!!!

Its October again! Time for Monster Month! This year I will be sharing my progress on a new monster puppet. I've been working on him on and off since August, but have been saving up posts so that I could bombard you with monster fun all month long :) My goal is to have some kind of short done at the end of the month using the puppet.
Lets start by talking about my inspirations for this short. I have always loved, and been terrified by, tiny monsters. The three that came to mind immediately when I decided to do this were: the troll from "Cat's Eye", the minions from "The Gate", and my favorite, the Zuni doll from "Trilogy of Terror". I chose to create something in that vein, a person terrorized by a small creature. Person, live action. Creature, stopmotion. One of the challenges I have set for myself is to use as few composites as possible. This means when the puppet runs across my floor, I will actually animate him running across my floor. If an actor is in shot, they will be pixellated. Possibly the entire short will be pixellated (stopmotion with live actors instead of inanimate objects).
Here are a few clips from the inspirational films :)

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Sven Bonnichsen said...

Woo! Looking forward to it!