Monster Month - Foamtastic

I unfortunately didnt get any pics of the armature or the molding process, but I did cast this guy in foam.  His armature is basically wire/epoxy clay, though I did tweak it a bit to allow the addition of horns/talons/tail.  I wrapped lengths of the armature wire around threaded scrapbook page extenders. and then sculpted the horns/talons directly onto the screws that fit, so they could simply be screwed into the armature.

The foam pup cast with a massive air bubble in his rear bumper, which ended up working out well b/c I had to add a screw for the tail, which is just armature wire wrapped around, twisted, and coated in latex.

I tried out several varieties of horn before settling on these, made of air dry clay, screwed into their posts, and filled in/coated with rubber latex.



Shelley Noble said...

Such a fantastic puppet, Jeff. Really well designed and fabbed. Way to go!

Darkstrider said...

I'm diggin the screw-on accessories!

mefull said...

This pup is looking good, the screw in horn idea is great, can't wait to see him painted.

UbaTuber said...

Thanks folks :D