Monster Month - Painted Devil

I worked in layers of acrylic paints as usual with this pup, though I tried a new material which I wasn't too happy with. To make my "PAX" paint I ordered a non-tacky prosaide to add to my acrylics. The paintjob is always very important to me (probably because I started out as a painter) and I always hated dulling down my colors with cornstarch to kill the stickiness of the paint. With the non-tack I didnt have to dust the puppet. However, the finish of the paint is rather glossy, giving the pup a bit of shine which I think may create issues when filming, so I may end up having to dust him anyway. Also, the non-tacky additive apparently isnt as flexible as the regular version, because I added the usual amount to my paint and it is still cracking at the bendiest joints (hips, elbows, knees) so I will be doing lots of tiny touchups between frames. I tried to link to the product on Monster Makers but could not find it, I guess I wasnt the only one with complaints...

I started out with layers of brown and purple, slowly building to a truer devil red, with golden highlights...really proud of the hands on this guy...animation tests coming soon ::::)

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Shelley Noble said...

It's a great puppet, Jeff. Terrific paint work, especially good sculpt on the hands as you say.