Androids and Communicators and Social Media, Oh My!

Testing 1, 2...I recently (finally) got myself an intelligent phone and just downloaded the Blogger app.  My own little cyberspace communicator.  Hopefully this will make posting here a little easier, and so, more frequent.  I have begun to distance myself more and more from Facebook, and plan to refocus my sharing efforts here, on the blog that started it all.  (i have issues with Facebook's privacy, and also, don't care about my "friends" eating habits, or who is doing what with who, or the like.  The whole thing has become very surreal to me, this social media craze.  In my "real" life I am an extremely private, very quiet guy.  I don't want privacy to become a "remember when"....end rant :)...so here we go.  Welcome to 2013 :)

Krampus is getting anxious with me....I fear I may get coal next Christmas if I don't get off my keester and get busy....