Brain Kramps

I've hit a bit of a snag with some of my Krampus footage, and am at this point trying to decide whether to keep photoshopping or reshoot. The problem is, I have a shot which requires rig removal.  Done it a few times before, easy peasy, no issues.  This time though, apparently my wonky lighting setup created several tiny ghostly shadows of the rig in two or three areas.  Didn't even notice them until playback after doing the initial rig removal. I did another pass in Photoshop and noticed another rig shadow after the second go. I think the issue is the practical lighting, the Christmas tree and garland lights that point every which way.  As the rig passes these spots, shadows go everywhere. Trying to creatively Photoshop but will probably end up reshooting....I hate reshooting...I will post some video soon, the opening few seconds at the very least...

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Shelley Noble said...

Perfectly understandable, Jeff.

A radical suggestion perhaps would be to cut the film together ignoring the shadows as a flaw. Just to cut it as if there were no issues.

Your gift of timing and character will overpower any shooting flaw. Perfectly shot--Snootery snot--Blertery laart. Big deal.