Altered Book

Here is a page out of my altered book, a commissioned project that I am working on.  Inspired by the poem "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird", this refurbished old library book has charcoal work, collage, painting, printmaking techniques all throughout.  This page features the thirteenth stanza, "It was evening all afternoon.  It was snowing and it was going to snow.  The blackbirds sat in the cedar-limbs." Black feathers added using gel medium, watercolor painted background, pen n ink illustration.


Makings of a Dryad

One of my backburner projects is a sculpture of a dryad(s) assembled from oak tree branches and pieces parts that have fallen in my yard.  I have been collecting them for about a year.  I think I may get working on it as my submission to this year's "no dead artists" show at a local gallery.  I submit every year but have never been selected.

Yesterday I was investigating a large branch that fell during hurricane Isaac last year, and discovered an amazing pattern under the bark in places...possibly new knots beginning to form? I think this will be worked into the "hair" of the carving.  Beautiful unnatural natural pattern.  Amazed by nature as always.