Book Dummy

When I decided to begin working on "Nola & the Streetcar Gremlins" about a year ago, one of the first steps for me was to create a book dummy.  After doing some research, I settled on a landscape format, 32 pages, and crafted a mini version of my book using sketchbook paper that I can haul around with me.  It is about 4"x6", stapled binding.  Inside, I can plan compositions of individual pages, sketch illustrations, layout and edit text, all in pencil.  When I have lived with a page for awhile and have settled on it, I redraw in pen.  I will use this dummy as a guide when laying out final pages in photoshop.  These "storyboards" will also help me in the fabrication phase, as I intend to use my Nola puppet for the Nola character, posed, photographed, and composited into watercolor and digital backgrounds.  Some set pieces, props, and supporting characters will also be fabricated, so I will have a "preproduction" phase similar to a stop motion film.

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Shelley Noble said...

What an INGENIOUS way to project proceed, Uba! Holy MFG I'm so going to do mine this way. Of course!

Love that you are bringing Nola to the fore too. She's my favorite of your creations.