Nola and the Streetcar Gremlins

I always have a lot cooking on the stove top, rotating between paintings and animation and sculpture and you name it.  One of the in-development projects (that you may see me blogging about here) is a children's book called "Nola & the Streetcar Gremlins".

I have an ongoing series of paintings featuring fantasy creatures in classic New Orleans settings, and the one image that seems to stand out over and over again with crowds at art markets is my Streetcar Gremlins.  My little gremlins have evolved into their own entity, inspiring watercolors and figures.  It feels only natural to have them featured in book form.

Me and some of my gremlin art at the Piety Street Art Market

I started reading up on children's books, mainly the pros and cons of seeking out a publishing house versus self-publishing through a site like Amazon or Lulu.com (I am still undecided, though leaning towards self publishing because it would guarantee the rights to Nola et al would remain with me, most important).  I have also been reading accounts on writing for children, my fave being the book pictured here, "Origins of Story on Writing for Children", which includes essays from people like Maurice Sendak and Madeleine L'Engle.  And of course I can always bounce ideas off of my personal expert, my five year old :)

My little puppet Nola seemed like the perfect vehicle for a book series, so I squashed the two thoughts together and the idea was born. Each book in the series will be called "Nola & The..." and each book will start the same way...

"...Nola always wears her scarf, even in the summer.  Her feet are on sideways, and her eyes are quite large, and sometimes one of them wanders.  She is a very ordinary girl, with very, very bad luck.  Just about any bad thing you could ever imagine happening has happened to Nola..."

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