Stan Winston School


I have been drooling over the courses offered at Stan Winston School for many many months, and now I am officially a student!  For my birthday, my Queen and Little Prince bought two courses on dvd for me, one teaching stop motion puppet fabrication with the awesome Chiodo Bros (six hours long!!!) and the other focused on how to create a monster puppet with rods and cables.
I've been following the school on facebook for awhile and have been flabbergasted by the sheer diversity of courses offered, streaming or on dvd, everything from simple latex how tos to complex animatronics, costumes, set making, creature design, you name it, all taught by industry professionals.  You can even sign up for a monthly service to stream four courses per month.
I cant wait to get kracken on a rod/cable pup! I just need to decide what kind of creature I want to make.  Stay simple with no legs (audrey two?) or go whole hog (a deep one from lovecraft lore?) or maybe go somewhere in between (a zombie that would require no puppeteering in his loose hanging arms?).  I plan to use silicone for the first time here also (yay new materials!).

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