"Nola & the Streetcar Gremlins" - The Nutria Bat

The original Nutria Bat, from Monster Month 2007

In my previous post on the book dummy, the left hand page shows Nola being carried away by Nutria Bats.  The bats will be puppets created for the book, and I've been working on them here and there, this weekend I sculpted the first head.  The wings were made months ago by laying out the armature and painting a couple of thin layers of latex for the membrane, a tip I got long ago from the great Nick Hilligoss.  The head is sculpey around a foil core.  After baking the head, I removed some of the foil, enough to fit the epoxy "head" of the armature, and Gorilla-glued the sculpted clay head onto the armature.  Body will be buildup of upholstery foam covered in brown fake fur.