Streetcar Gremlins in Watercolor

Watercolor has become my medium of choice when depicting my lil gremlins.  Here are three of my most recent paintings.  I'm torn when it comes to the Nola children's book, about whether to watercolor the whole shebang or incorporate my puppets.  When I began conceptualizing the story, I intended to use as many "real" elements as possible (even considered constructing a miniature streetcar interior), but I've been loving the watercolors so.
I suspect I will probably end up with some mix, somewhere in the middle....wont find that balance until I start actually creating pages in Photoshop, I suppose...


Nutria Bat Bodied

Started building up the nutria bat's body with upholstery foam and styrofoam.  Next, painting the head, feet, and wings before beginning to add fur...